A Special Chicken Tikka Burger by cookrecipe

2 hours Cook
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Chicken Tikka Burger - cook recipe, Wao Basic classic cooking guide master chef
  • Special chicken tikka burger recipe from cook recipe. The recipe is not only in written form but also available in video form too, to make this recipe more easy for you.
  • cook recipe, Wao Basic classic cooking guide master chef

Chicken Tikka Burger

A delicious home made special chicken tikka burger complete recipe. This special chicken tikka burger is not only make your day special but also feed you well. cook recipe, Wao Basic classic cooking guide master chef

Cook recipe, Wao Basic classic cooking guide master chef

Special Chicken Tikka burger recipe from cookrecipe - cook recipe, Wao Basic classic cooking guide master chef
Special Chicken Tikka Burger Recipe

A very easy and simple recipe to make Chicken Tikka Burger. Just follow the instructions as it is also shown in the video, and enjoy the home made tasty Chicken Tikka Burger.

Special Chicken Tikka Burger

Chicken Jalfrezi

Special Chicken Tikka Burger

Special Chicken Tikka Burger

A easy and well explained recipe to make homemade special chicken tikka burger with a delicious taste. Well explained chicken tikka burger recipe in detail but in a short way. cook recipe, Wao Basic classic cooking guide master chef
prep time
10 mins
cooking time
2 hours
3 Persons
total time
2 hours 10 mins


  • Sauce pan

  • 4 spoons

  • Two bowls

  • Few small cups


  • Boneless Chicken ¼ Kg

  • Oil 2 Table spoons

  • Soya sauce 1 Tea spoon

  • Ginger Garlic paste 1 Tea spoon

  • Chili sauce 1 Tea spoon

  • Corn flour 1 Table spoon

  • Black Pepper 1 Tea spoon

  • Tikka Masala 2 Table spoons

  • Vinegar 1 Tea spoon

  • Ingredients to ready Salad

  • Chicken Tikka ¼ kg

  • Lettuce 1 small crushed

  • Tomato 1 nicely round cut

  • Onion 1 small size, nicely round cut

  • Ketchup 3 or 4 table spoons

  • Ingredients to ready Burger

  • Lettuce 1 Small size

  • Milk 1 Spoon

  • Mayonnaise 4 Spoon

  • Black pepper 1 Tea spoon

  • Salt 1/4 Tea spoon (1 chutki)

  • Sugar 1 Tea spoon



How to make Special Chicken Tikka Burger

Cut the chicken in a cube form. Put soya sauce, chili sauce, corn flour black pepper, vinegar, tikka masala and ginger garlic paste on top of cubes. Mix it well. Then leave it for 2 hours. After 2hrs. Take Sauce pan, put on fire and pour little oil in it. Put all chicken cubes in it. Fry 10 to 15 minutes, when chicken is fried, take out from sauce pan in to plate.

How to make Lettuce Salad

Cut the Lettuce in to small and long pieces. Put Black pepper, Salt, Sugar and Milk in Mayonnaise and then add Lettuce in it. Mix it well. As shown in.

How to Ready Burger Bun.

Pour Oil in saucepan and heat up little bit. Then put burger bun in sauce pan and warm them to make it crispy. Do the same from back side of burger bun.

Time to ready Special Chicken Tikka Burger

Put ketchup on burger bun (as much u like) then onion and tomato on ketchup. Then put Chicken tikka on top off Tomato. Put some Lettuce salad on top of tikka. Chicken Tikka burger is Ready.


Serve With Salad, Use chili sauce or ketchup to increase the taste and enjoy.
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