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A Simple Chinese Chicken Fried Recipe by Cook Recipe

20 Mins Cook
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Chinese Chicken Fried rice Recipe, Wow Basic Classic Cooking Guide cook recipe -Master chef
  • The combination of rice, vegetables and chicken with different sauces give a realty romantic taste In this recipe we try our best to show you complete procedure with all unique ingredients.

Chinese Chicken Fried Recipe

This Flavorsome and tasty dish of Chinese Chicken Fried Rice is full with energy. It is rich with nutrients and a healthier food . You can load this dish with different combination of vegetables and can add more sauce to add more flavor. Wow Basic Classic Cooking Guide cook recipe -Master chef

Wow Basic Classic Cooking Guide cook recipe -Master chef

Chinese Chicken Fried Recipe

Chicken Shashlik Stick

Chinese Chicken Fried Recipe

Easy Chinese Chicken Fried Recipe

Easy Chinese Chicken Fried Recipe

A very easy recipe to cook Chicken Fried rice. Simply Ready the given ingredients and follow the instruction give in recipe.
prep time
20 Mins
cooking time
20 Mins
total time
40 Mins


  • Fry pan

  • Plates

  • Cup

  • Spoon


  • Rice (boiled) چاول (ابلے ہوئے) ½ kg

  • Boneless Chicken ہڈیوں کے بغیر چکن ¼ kg ( crushed)

  • Salt نمک 1 Tea Spoon

  • Chili مرچ 1 Tea Spoon

  • Black Pepper کالی مرچ 1 Tea Spoon

  • Soya Sauce سویا ساس 1 Table Spoon

  • Chili sauce مرچ کی چٹنی 1 Table Spoon

  • Vinegar سرکہr. 1 Table Spoon

  • Capsicum شملہ مرچ 1 Normal size

  • Oil تیل ½ cup

  • Ginger لہسن 1 Table Spoon

  • carrot گاجر 1

  • Lettuce بند گوبھی 1

  • Eggs (Fried) انڈے 2



Chinese Chicken Fried Recipe

Put oil in a pot and use medium fire heat. add garlic paste after 1 to 2 mins Add carrot then stir for I to 2 mins.

Chinese Chicken Fried Recipe

Then add lettuce , chicken,Vinegar, soya sauce, chili sauce, salt ,chili, black pepper and capsicum. Stir for 4 to 5 mins.

Chinese Chicken Fried Recipe

Now add rice and cook for 5 mins. Add fried egg and mix it in rice. Chinese Chicken Fried rice Is ready.


Try with Chicken Shashlik sticks, You will enjoy the taste.
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